Rules and regulations.

(a) Park rules and regulations.

(1) No pets, dogs or horses allowed, except service animals. 

(2) No glass containers allowed.

(3) No hunting or fishing allowed.

(4) Respect wildlife and the surrounding area and keep noise to a minimum.

(5) No open fires, firearms or fireworks allowed.

(6) No business solicitation.

(7) Motorized or electric vehicles allowed only on roads not on designated park trails.

(8) Do not trespass on private property.

(9) No swimming, wading, or diving in the bayou or any other body of water.

(10) Removal of plants is prohibited.

(11) No littering or dumping allowed. Garbage receptacles and recycling bins are provided throughout the park.

(12) Do not feed, disturb or collect wildlife.

(13) Marked trails are provided for your safety; please remain on marked designated trails.

(14) Remain out of drainage ditches and all other areas not for recreational use.

(15) ADA compliant boardwalks and ramps are provided on certain of our trails.

(16) Public use of the park will be at patrons' own risk. The parish provides no protection from the wildlife and/or plants.

(17) Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed except for special events. A special event organizer/sponsor must obtain a temporary alcohol permit and conform to section 6-30(d) and state law in accordance with L.A.C. title 55, part 7, section 323 and any other applicable state law.

(18) No Cooking, Grilling, Electric cords, Boiling, open flames allowed without prior reservations.

(b) Park hours. To be established by policy of the parish president and may be adjusted seasonally, or as otherwise determined to be necessary. Any adjustments to the operation hours shall be posted at the park entrance, throughout the park grounds and advertised through various media.

(c) Pavilion rental. The pavilion located at Camp Salmen Nature Park is available to rent at a rate of $75.00 an hour. A minimum rental period of two hours is required. Additional terms and conditions are to be set forth in a user agreement which must be completed prior to the event. The parish will determine appropriate limits of insurance for the specific use of the pavilion, all to be determined the parish risk manager. Proof of the required insurance must be produced prior to any event utilizing the pavilion.

Download the rental agreement  here