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Gnat Clouds

Have you ever noticed how a gnat cloud will hover in just one place and how they do this “conveniently” at human mouth or nostril level? Ever wonder just what the heck it is they think they’re doing in these large gatherings? Well, here are the answers.

A little Internet research and much observation reveals they are looking for love, of course. Like teenagers everywhere, the girls want to be where the boys are and the boys want to be with the girls. Also, like teenagers, they tend to congregate and display obnoxious behavior. Watch closely and certain boys will drop suddenly, and dangerously  from the top of the cloud just to show off and attract the girl’s attention. They all tend to buzz around aimlessly, gossiping and chattering in their own teen lingo. Some are even self-absorbed with hand-held computer devices, oblivious to the world. This is aggravating to those of us who are trying to be more mature and responsible.

Some of this is the “safety-in-numbers” thing and some of it may have something to do with staying oriented to a certain landmark so they can all stay together but don’t expect such a flighty, irresponsible bunch to display too much sense. With all the hormonal excitement, they act just like a cloud of gnats.

Why are they obnoxious and do it in your face? Don’t they know this behavior could be dangerous and they could get inhaled? Peer pressure.  The desire to show off, to be different. “Doing your own thing,” seems to be the buzzwords here. When was the last time you expected a gnat to be cautious and sober-minded, especially when they are in love?

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