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Go Take A Hike

Go Take A Hike

Fall is already underway and its time to think about trying some of Camp Salmen’s trails through our beautiful woods. We have three trail systems with about three and a half miles of footpaths, bike trails and boardwalks, each with its own character and story. Maps for these trails are available at our Pavilion.

  1. The BAYOU LIBERTY TRAIL (approx. ¼ mi. one-way) is right off our main parking lot. Go past the display signs straight to the park’s most popular feature, the SWAMPWALK BOARDWALK. It zig-zags through a riot of lush, ever changing plant life to an observation platform overlooking the quiet waters of the bayou. A plant identification guide is available in the pavilion. Back at the beginning of the boardwalk the OUTDOOR CLASSSROOM and NATURE GARDEN are to the left (north) and the famous SALMEN LODGE and trails beyond it are to the right (south). Lovely views of the bayou can be seen along the way.
  2. The BICYCLE TRAIL (approx. ½ mi. one-way) is a spur from our future link to the Tammany Trace. It’s a smooth, asphalt path that starts at the Huntwyck gate, follows the W-12 Canal, goes past Mary’s Grotto, crosses Goldfish Bayou and ends at the Pavilion. Along the way are several gravel footpaths on the right that lead to Parish Parkway.
  3. The “BACKBONE TRAIL” is the longest (approx. 1 mi. one-way) and begins across Parish Parkway from Mary’s Grotto. Stay to the left, and except for a couple of short dead-ends, it goes all the way to the other end of the park. Along the way are several loops and exits to the parkway on the right. The GUM SWAMP BOARDWALK is near the beginning. The PITCHER PLANT BOARDWALK is at the other end, near the entrance to the park. Different ecological zones can be seen in between: flatwoods bottom land, hardwood forest, old growth pine and oak forest and pine savannah. A quicker path back to the beginning of the trail follows the edge of the woods along the parkway.

Hours of Operation

Friday - Sunday
9am to 4:30pm

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